Craft Beer by Uncle Brew

Uncle Brew beer is hand-crafted using specially formulated recipes that bring out the true essence of a beer. We take carefully selected hops and pair them with our own recipes to create some of the world's finest craft brews.

Uncle Brew - The Embodiment of Craft Beer.


Who we are?

Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel and sharing the unique flavors of the region with the world, Uncle Brew was founded by 2 friends who share a passion for fine craft beers.
We chose to produce our beer in Estonia, at young brewery with new equipment and experienced staff.

The unique flavor palette of our craft beer is a result of our travels worldwide, discovering and tasting craft beers made by some of the world's leading brewmeisters. We used our experiences and the tips we learned along the way to create batch after batch of specialty beer until we came up with the perfect blend of floral and citrus notes. Not too bitter, yet bitter enough to make your taste buds stand up and take notice. After years of hard work and diligence, a new IPA was born.
Meet our first-born - TelAvIPA, classic IPA, light malt body with slight turbidity, sensible bitterness and rich fruit and citrus aroma.


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